Payhip Review 2021: Is Payhip worth it?

Payhip is a digital product selling software that provides you with a platform to sell digital downloads and memberships. And you can get started with Payhip, for free. In this Payhip review, we will talk about the platform features, Payhip pricing model and how you can setup the platform in less than 30 minutes to start selling your digital products.


Payhip Features

1. All-in-one solution

If you are new to selling digital products, you might have already struggled with all the tech that is involved in creating and selling digital products to your audience. Payhip offers a one stop shop where you can create your sales pages, and a checkout cart, as well as deliver the digital product to your audience.

2. Coupons and social discounts

Payhip has a feature where you can create coupon codes by either limiting their use ( for example: the code could only be used 5 times), or by adding an expiration date( for example, the code expires on October 1st, 2021). You can also create and share discounts specific to social media channels.

3. Software Licenses

Another great feature of Payhip is that if you are using the platform to sell software ( chrome extensions, apps etc.), they manage the generation, storage and issuing of keys for you.)

4. PDF Stamping

Another feature which is really helpful is that if you are selling PDFs ( ebooks, templates etc.) you can prevent illegal sharing by stamping the purchase details on each page of the PDF. 

PDF stamping in Payhip

Pros of using Payhip

1. Pay with Paypal

In our opinion, one of the biggest pros of using Payhip is that you are able to accept Paypal payments which means customers anywhere in the world will be able to purchase from you.

2. Email platform integration

Payhip integrates with almost all major email marketing platforms, including Constant Contact, Aweber and ActiveCampaign.

3. Easy Setup

Payhip has a very easy setup. You can get started with setting up your account and selling within a matter of minutes.

4. Affiliate system

Payhip provides you with the ability to have affiliates sell your digital products for you and get paid a commission for every sale made. Most other digital product platforms charge an additional fee for this feature but Payhip lets you access this for free.

Cons of using Payhip

1. Limited design capabilities

Although Payhip is a great platform for new and beginner digital product creators, it may not be the best platform for advanced creators or those who are good with complex tech tools.

You might not be able to create custom designs since design capabilities on Payhip are limited.

2. Transaction Fees

The free plan comes with a 5% transaction fee which means for every ebook you sell for $20, payhip will keep $1.

3. No email marketing 

Although Payhip calls itself a one-stop solution for selling digital products, it does not provide the email marketing feature. This means you have to sign up for an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Converkit in order to send emails to your customers.

Payhip pricing

Payhip pricing

One of the biggest pros of Payhip is their pricing model. They offer free pricing without any feature restrictions, which means you get access to all features, and unlimited products for free. The caveat here is you pay a 5% transaction fee for every product sold. 

This still means you don’t pay anything to use the platform until you start making some money. 

The plus pricing is $29/month with a 2% transaction fee and the pro pricing is $99/month with no transaction fee. It makes sense to move to a paid plan when you are selling enough products that there is need to reduce the transaction fee.


Our take: Payhip Review

We think that Payhip is a great platform for new digital product creators because it is not only super easy to set up, but because it also provides an all-in-one solution including everything that a creator would need to start selling their digital products

Although the platform might have limited design and customization capabilities, we would still recommend it for those looking to avoid tech headaches and looking to get started selling as soon as possible.

Have you tried the platform yet? Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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