5 Reasons you need a marketing funnel for you small business

5 Reasons You Need A Marketing Funnel For Your Small Business

5 Reasons you need a marketing funnel for you small business


Marketing Funnels are everywhere.

If you are wondering what the heck is a funnel and why should you even bother, you are in the right place.

A marketing funnel and the customer journey through funnels have been a part of the marketing process for as long as brands have existed, but only recently there has been a tremendous rise in the number of software available that have made making funnels quite easy and efficient.

In simple terms, a marketing funnel is the sequence of steps that a visitor takes for him move from the awareness stage to becoming a paying customer.

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A marketing funnel and the customer journey through the buying process are two sides of the same coin.

You are bound to in control of the buyer cycle since you are utilizing email marketing, content marketing, social media and targeted paid media at each step of the funnel. This helps you analyze and decide how you choose to interact with your customers at each phase of the funnel.

If you are still not convinced, let me give you 5 reasons why you must absolutely utilize the power of a marketing funnel in your business.

Each customer is at a different stage in the customer journey

You cannot compare a person who has just visited your website for the first time to someone who has purchased from you, multiple times. These two people will have completely different perspectives of your brand and your products.

The first-time visitor will not buy from you until he or she trusts you but the multi- product buyer might buy a high-end product from you even without you having to market it to him or her. Keeping this in mind, it is important to market differently to people who are at different stages in their customer journey.

The content, the story and the amount of information you share changes, depending on where the customer is, in the process of becoming a multi-product buyer. It is transition from providing value-rich content to convincing the customer to buy your product.

A marketing funnel helps you segment your audience of the basis of where they are, along the buying cycle so that you can reach them with the right kind of information, to help them progress to the next step down the funnel.

Generate income on auto pilot

In this section, we talk about the the evergreen funnel. The evergreen funnel is an automated system that runs continuously in the background .It  generates leads and sales for you without you having to do anything, expect when you are testing out the different nuances of the funnel such as copy, image, headlines, etc.

The evergreen funnel has people in all different stages of the funnel at any given time. It creates a passive income source for your business, because once it is set up, you don’t need to touch it at all, at least not very often.

For example, if you are a health coach selling digital products, you set up an evergreen funnel to take your audience through the journey from becoming aware to then buying your highest priced product, each step on the funnel being completely automated. So even if the person hops off the funnel at any stage, you have an automated system of re-targeting that person though paid ads and emails so that that person can hop on the funnel, exactly at the point where he left off.

All you have to do is drive traffic to the funnel organically or through ads and emails, which can also be automated.


5 Reasons you need a marketing funnel for you small business

Build relationships with your audience

It’s simple. People will be buy from you if they trust you.

Each stage of the funnel is customized to match the stage of the customer’s journey, and there are two advantages of this. First, it does not make you sound like you are desperately trying to sell something. Second, the customer believes that since you are offering him the right product at the right time, you
understand him and he can trust you.

Also, since at each step of the funnel, the customer tests your products and interacts with your brand, if he likes your product, he starts trusting you and your brand and it gets easier to sell to him as he moves up the ladder, towards higher priced products.

By providing value- rich content in emails and using your marketing funnel to address a specific problem your customer has at any given time you not only build trust but also create a long term relationship with the customer.

Not come across at salesy

Imagine you get a mail from a random company asking you to buy your product. You have never heard of them before. Will you go ahead and buy their product? No, right?

But imagine if you get a similar mail from a company whose products you love. Would you buy their product? Maybe yes.

A marketing funnel helps you target the right person at the right time. If you are using the marketing funnel the right way, you know exactly at which phase of the buying process the customer is in and you will reach out to him accordingly. By using a funnel, you will know exactly when customer is at a stage where he is ready to transition to the next step, and so, you trying to convince him to buy your product will not come across at being salesy.

Increase Revenue

Having a marketing funnel is not only great for building relationships with your audience, but it also helps you streamline the process of selling and helps make your business more organized.

Having this system in place has a big positive impact on your sales and consequently your revenue.

This is also because you target the customer at the right stage in his buying journey making it easier for him to make a purchasing decision. Also since there is a product that relates to every buying stage, even a small purchase adds on to the revenue. And with each product the customer buys, his trust in your brand grows leading him to the next stage of the buying journey that has a higher valued product.

Once a customer is on your funnel, he is on your email list. A funnel helps you generate a traffic source that you own, that you can use to exponentially increase your revenue.

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To Conclude:

A marketing funnel helps you influence customers at each stage of their buying journey using
the tactics that you know would be most effective. It also helps you understand your audience
better and build relationships early on, that you can leverage in the future.

It is the ideal process that you want your customer to experience as they move from being
unaware of your product or service to finally becoming a loyal customer. At every stage, the
customer might hop off the funnel, but by using re-targeting and email marketing, you can help
the customer hop on the funnel, exactly at the stage where he left off.

A marketing funnel can be a game changer for your business. Don’t miss out this opportunity of
growing your business exponentially. Hop on the funnel bandwagon now!

If you are confused about how you could use a marketing funnel for your business and need
some help in planning it out, shoot me an email at shweta{at}shwetadawar{dot}com. I would
love to help you out.

Don’t forget to share your funnel story in comments .

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