Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels

Kajabi and Clickfunnels have emerged as two popular platforms for online businesses.

Having helped several clients implement marketing tools in their business, I have tested almost all marketing platforms, and Kajabi and Clickfunnels are two platforms I have used extensively.

If you’ve been trying to choose the right marketing platform for your business, this Kajabi vs Clickfunnels comparison will help you find the right fit.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels features


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels for courses


Pricing plans


Free trial


Ease of use : Kajabi vs Clickfunnels


Customer Support : Kajabi vs Clickfunnels


Mobile Friendliness


Which platform should you choose?


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels features


One of the big differences between Kajabi and Clickfunnels is that Kajabi is marketed as a marketing platform for course creators and membership site owners, while Clickfunnels is marketed purely as a sales funnel platform.

Kajabi and Clickfunnels both offer similar capabilities when it comes to building custom sales funnels.

I used Clickfunnels for the first 2 years of running my online business. I liked the fact that creating sales funnels was easy, especially if you had a template in place and were not starting from scratch.

Having said that, one of the big disadvantages of using the Clickfunnels sales page builder was that you couldn’t undo an action. There was no back button.

They recently added a back button but the functionality is still not great.


When my business started growing, I decided to test out other marketing platforms.

I came across Kajabi through one of my clients, and although initially I was skeptical because of the price tag, my experience with the platform over the last couple of years says that the platform is totally worth it.

Also, the Clickfunnels base plan does not include the email automation feature, which is included on all Kajabi plans.




Kajabi vs Clickfunnels for courses


Since Kajabi is marketed as a platform for course creators and for building membership sites, the course area inside of Kajabi is way better in terms of usability and look and feel.

KAjabi membership site
Kajabi membership site


Clickfunnels does offer a course hosting area but it is very basic.


More and more creators are moving off of Clickfunnels for hosting their courses and membership sites.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels Pricing


Kajabi plans start at $149/month for the basic monthly plan.

The basic monthly plan includes unlimited landing pages, unlimited emails, 3 products ( this could be a course or a membership), one website and 1000 active members.


Kajabi pricing
Kajabi pricing plans


Clickfunnels basic plan starts at $97 and includes 20 funnels, 100 pages, unlimited active members and NO email marketing. You need to get on the $297 plan for email marketing and for the ability to create an affiliate program for your product.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans
Clickfunnels Pricing Plans


If price is not a deterrent, I highly suggest you consider signing up for Kajabi, especially if you are a course creator or membership site owner, since once you start a Kajabi account, it is highly unlikely that you will have to switch platforms in the future.


Kajabi and Clickfunnels Free Trial


Kajabi offers a free 14 day trial. This gives you a good enough time frame to test out the platform and see if it fits your business needs.

Clickfunnels also offers a free 14-day trial.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels ease of use


The Clickfunnels page builder is fairly easy to use, although as I mentioned above, sometimes you cannot undo your actions, which means there may be times when you will lose your funnel edits and will have to start again.

The membership area in Clickfunnels is very basic, but easy enough to navigate around, for your students.

Kajabi has a great interface which is easy for you to use as a creator, as well as for your students.

When you login to the dashboard for the first time, the platform offers you a tour to help you build your first product and pages.


Customer Support: Kajabi vs Clickfunnels


The quality of Clickfunnels support has gone down over the years. You will recently find a lot of posts around bad customer service inside of the Clickfunnels Facebook community.


Kajabi as a platform focuses heavily on customer support.

It starts with them mailing you a welcome kit when you join the platform. They also offer a 28 day challenge to help you get set up.

Kajabi also has a hero program. As part of it, they send you rewards once you hit your first $1000 on the platform.


Kajabi vs Clickfunnels mobile friendliness


The Clickfunnels platform is a little bit clunky on mobile when it comes to using the membership area.

Kajabi recently launched a mobile app, which means that your students can download the app on their phone and access the course content on the go.


Kajabi or Clickfunnels: Which platform should you use?


Having worked with several clients helping them set up tech for their business, I can say I have experience with both platforms. I have also used both Kajabi and Clickfunnels for my own business.

I am a Kajabi fan because of their focus on customer service and also because they are always working to improve the platform.

Also, one of the reasons why Clickfunnels as a platform became very well-known was their huge focus on their affiliate program. They were probably the first platform to offer a car as an added bonus when someone referred 100 Clickfunnels accounts.

Due to this, a lot of people who have no idea about how to setup or run an online business promote Clickfunnels in the hopes of making it with affiliate marketing.

Kajabi on the other hand, opens its affiliate program only to paid users, which makes sense because you shouldn’t really be promoting a product as an affiliate if you haven’t used it yourself.

It has an amazing affiliate program and true to their focus on customer service, Kajabi sends gifts to their partners once they reach 1, 5, 10 and more affiliate signups. Kajabi also offers the car payment similar to Clickfunnels.

It is true that Kajabi is a slightly expensive platform, but given the ease of use and the ease of setup, along with the ability to customize the platform according to your needs, I think it is a great price.




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