5 Best Screencasting Software for 2021

Updated for May 2021: A Screencast in simple words can be defined as a digital recording of computer screen, also called screen recording. In most cases, a screencast also contains an audio narration. 

The software used for this recording is known as screen recording software or screencasting software.


Here is our list of 5 best screencasting software to help you decide which one is right for you.


1. Camtasia 


One of the best screencast software, Camtasia was developed by Techsmith, which caters to the needs of educators, businesses and entrepreneurs. 


This software allows the making of presentations and video tutorials directly through screencast.  You can also add audio, either directly or through another source. 


Camtasia is designed to be highly user friendly and easy to learn, even for beginners. It provides you with templates that make editing and creating videos extremely simple and give that unique, creative and professional look. 


Camtasia is one of the best screencasting software for demo videos, video tutorials, meeting recordings, explainer videos and webinar recordings to name a few. 


You can make the perfect video in three steps. First you record your screen, then by using the templates and features available you add your personal touch and then simply share the video.  


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Features on this screencasting software include different screen recording options, user-friendly editing options, built-in video templates and audio recording. 

Camtasia charges a $249.99 one-time fee.


2. OBS Studio


Also one of the best screencast software in the market, OBS Studio is a streaming and recording software. The software is Windows, Linux and Mac friendly. 


OBS Studio is free to use, but has a steep learning curve.


The software is definitely more advanced and for a more professional use. It allows you to not only to capture and mix videos and audios in real time but also lets you combine and create scenes using a number of different sources, meaning you can use material from text, images, webcams and browser windows to create your videos. 


They have a feature called custom transitions, which allows you to set up countless number of scenes and constantly switch between them. 


The screen recording software also caters to advance audio options including features such as noise suppression and noise gate. 



OBS Studio allows you to make highly masterful, skilled and excellent videos. They have a number of customizable and unique transitions to choose from which can be used in between the switching of scenes. 


OBS Studio has a feature called the Studio Mode which allows you to counter check, preview, adjust and amend your video before they are shared. 


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3. Screencast-O-Matic 


Another one of the best screencasting software available in the market and is used across approximately 190 countries is Screencast-O-Matic. It is highly popular amongst the education sector due to a feature that sets it apart from the rest. 


Screencast-O-Matic can be launched directly from the browser and is hence used widely in classrooms for student assignments, flipped learning and capturing of lectures. 


The screen recording software, since it is simple and straightforward, yet caters to many advanced tools, is also commonly used in work places for creating demos, training and marketing videos.  


The tools available on Screencast-O-Matic can also be used for personal purposes such as to make momentous home videos and memories that you can then share with your family


Screencast-O-Matic is also highly user friendly and can be used by anyone. It has simple tools that are easy to use and get the job done.


All you have to do is simply record your screen and then customize and edit the video using the multiple templates and features available to create something unique and beautiful. 

I am a huge fan of Screencast-o-matic and use it to record and edit my Youtube videos.



The free version does not include a lot of the editing features so I use the affordable paid version that starts at $1.65/ month, billed yearly.


Screencast-o-matic Pricing plans
Screencast-o-matic Pricing plans


4. Screencastify 


This software is specifically a Chrome browser extension and is in the league of one of the best screencast software available. You can access Screencastify directly from your Google Chrome browser. 


This screencast software is probably the easiest one to use, so much so that even school going children can use it. 


One of the best part about Screencastify is it is that it is free of cost. If you are an entrepreneur or own a startup and would like to make videos containing screencast but can’t afford to invest in a software, Screencastify is the best option for you.  


Screencastify is classified as the best possible screen recorder for Chrome. It allows you to record your browser tab, desktop or webcam capture along with adding narration. It also provides HD resolution in the videos. Screencastify also has many editing features, which include trimming and adding text to your video. 


Screencastify makes sharing your videos just as simple as creating them. It also has the option of automatically saving your video to Google Drive and sharing the Google Drive link. You can also directly upload your video to YouTube from Screencastify and share your video directly to Google Classroom. 

Screencastify offers a free version which is limited to 5 minutes per video. The paid plan starts at $49/ year.


5. Loom 


Founded in 2015, Loom is also in the league of one of the best screencast software in the market. Loom is a screen recording software known for its speed. It allows you to record videos of your screen or webcam and share them extremely rapidly. The Pro version of Loom is actually free of cost for students and teachers. 

Loom was one of the first software I used in my business. It is really easy to get started with.

Loom is available for free on Windows iOS and Mac. It has a more quick, efficient, on the run and easily accessible anywhere type of approach and is hence available on the App Store as and is accessible on Apple phones. 

It recently limited its free version to a 5 minute limit and now has a paid plan that starts at $10/ month/ creator, billed monthly.


Loom Pricing Plans
Loom Pricing Plans



Loom broadens the concept and usage of screencast videos from not just using them for creating demos or using them to teach but also incorporate them into our day to day lives and using them for a more personal use on a regular basis such as sending short and quick videos as response to an email. 


Loom is also relatively easy to use screencast software. Loom caters to editing options for your videos such as being able to trim your videos, even from the middle. 


One of the biggest pet peeve of many is the watermark that are part of many screen recording software, the fact that Loom doesn’t add watermarks is a major bonus. 


You can record videos on Loom in HD and there aren’t any limitations as to how long your video can be or how many you make and save. 


Each of the screen recording platforms discussed above has its benefits. I would recommend starting with a free software like Loom, and then moving on to a more sophisticated software like Screencast-o-matic or Camtasia, since the free Loom version is limited in terms of editing functionality.

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