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Best Webinar Software Platforms for 2021

Webinar software has become a popular way to generate leads and move those leads down the sales funnel. Today, it is an essential strategy for many B2B businesses, startups, affiliates, and corporations. It is an effective way to engage your target market, provides quick feedback, and adds an immersive customer experience.


Webinars create an interactive and personal relationship with your viewers and provide detailed insights into different topics. However, it can be hard to decide which webinar platform is going to be the best for your business. They can differ significantly in features, pricing, add-on tools, and support.


To make it easy for you, here are some of the best webinar software so you can decide which webinar software is the best fit for your business.


1. Demio


Demio is among the leading webinar platforms in 2020. While many platforms have failed to innovate, Demio offers a powerful platform for marketers with a promise of “hassle-free webinar software.”

Throughout your webinar, Demio allows you access to a number of interactive elements. Everything is customized to match your brand. You can run polls, share documents, launch offers with CTA, run Q&As, send reminders, and much more.




  • Live, Hybrid, and On-demand webinars.
  • You can create custom registration pages.
  • Allow you to join by clicking a link––no downloads required.
  • You can send private messages to organizers or the public.
  • You get lots of audience engagement features; options to make attendees live, @mentions, Q&As, and more.
  • Your webinars are automatically recorded in HD.
  • Integrations with Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and more to help you generate leads and create brand awareness.
  • Upload slides or share videos with attendees.
  • Provides detailed analytics of your webinar performance that is being regularly improved.

Demio is the Best Webinar Software for:


Demio webinar platform is made for live events and marketing campaigns, with all the video conferencing features you need. It is best for businesses that emphasize more on live events and are in search of a dedicated tool with an auto replay option.

Also, It is a great option for educational organizations that are teaching online due to COVID-19.


Pricing Demio Pricing

Pricing starts at $49/month and goes up to $234/month, depending on the number of attendees. You can get started with a 14-day free trial to test out its features.


2. WebinarJam


WebinarJam is another leading webinar platform on the market. This webinar software was completely rebuilt in February 2020, can be used meet a number of different marketing objectives. One unique feature of this software is the Drawing Board, where you can draw things with a pen tool, create screen annotations, and write on top of the presentation.

People can join from any device: tablet, desktop, phone, etc. so there shouldn’t be any excuse to miss presentations.



  • Automatic recording–HD everything.
  • You can upload PowerPoint and keynote presentations.
  • No software to download.
  • Built-in autoresponder.
  • One-click registration.
  • Social media integrations.
  • Offer downloadable handouts.
  • You can add attendees as speakers and guests.
  • It allows you to incorporate polls & surveys.
  • Compatibility with various operating systems and browsers.
  • Registration page builder, A/B testing, and templates
  • Ability to charge for presentations
  • Quick set up process–just take 60 seconds to get up and running.
  • Email and SMS text reminders.
  • There are multiple scheduling options you can customize to your needs.
  • Easy-to-understand analytics provide you actionable data on registration numbers, replay views, show up rates, and more.



WebinarJam is the Best Webinar Software for:


The software is designed to support large audiences. If you need to reach up to 5,000 attendees then WebinarJam is the best platform to use.



Pricing starts at $499 and goes up to $999/year. You can get started with a 14-day trial period, which is for 1$.


3. WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja is an all-in-one solution trusted by major brands like BareMetrics, John-Lee Dumas, AppSumo, Printful, and Podia. Of all the tools mentioned in this post, WebinarNinja is the best alternative to Demio,  our number one ranked webinar platform.


From integrations with CRM systems to timed offers, WebinarNinja has nailed all of the little details that help you convert attendees into customers. You can create four different types of webinars; Live, Automated, Series, and Hybrid.


  • Lightning-fast live chat.
  • Built-in email notifications.
  • Instant screen sharing.
  • Easy integrations with 1,000+ apps.
  • You can insert your Facebook Ad tracking pixel.
  • It allows you to run multiple polls before, during, and after the webinar.
  • There is nothing to download, so you can create a webinar in under a minute.
  • You can run fully-automated replays on a schedule.
  • Analytics dashboard reports your live webinar performance with the ability to export data.


WebinarNinja is the Best Webinar Platform for:


Best platform for high-end coaches who’re looking to create webinars fast.


Webinarninja Pricing


Pricing starts from $39/month and goes up to $199/month. Try out WebinarNinja with a 14-day free trial.



4. ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting is another capable webinar software platform with nearly 150,000 customers. ClickMeeting is browser-based and works on all devices and operating systems. You can use their software for teaching, training, sales, and marketing effectively.


It’s an easy and yet powerful webinar software to host online meetings, with a user-friendly interface. All in all, this webinar platform is well-integrated and offers all the essential features you would expect at this stage.




  • No IT skills––easy setup.
  • Offers polls and surveys for feedback.
  • It can be connected to YouTube and Facebook to enhance engagement.
  • It provides options for customized invites and automated webinars.
  • You can assign webinar duties to different individuals working in your team– multiple presenters.
  • Chat options and interactive sessions.
  • You can record the entire video and audio of the live sessions, later stored in clouds––both downloadable and shareable.
  • Engage viewers with dynamic presentations, videos, interactive whiteboards, and live chat.
  • Customizable call to actions and Toll-free call-in numbers
  • Analytics dashboard reports on your webinar attendance rates and other key metrics.


ClickMeeting is the Best Webinar Software for:


This webinar platform is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.  ClickMeeting provides clear instructions to its users, without worrying about technical stuff. Serious webinar marketers should definitely consider this one.




Pricing is fairly simple. You can start live webinars at $25/month for 25 attendees.

For automated webinars, pricing starts at $40/month. Additionally, there’s a custom-pricing option for enterprise customers.

ClickMeeting also offers a free 30-day trial period to test out its features.



5. WebinarsOnAir


WebinarsOnAir is a solid option if you’re on a limited budget. The platform positions itself as a webinar software tool that is one of a kind. It includes many essential features any marketer or business would need, plus a few unique features to their webinar platform.

WebinarsOnAir is surprisingly user-friendly for both the host and the viewers. It lets you set up your own room and activate useful features such as recurring webinar options, surveys, and polls built into the webinar platform itself. The platform is completely hosted in the cloud and making it very scalable to any audience size.


  • Quick registration process with several unique built-in features.
  • The platforms provide “Tracking Pixels” to integrate Adwords for retargeting users.
  • Live Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys.
  • It allows you to monetize content by prompting a pop-up style product offers.
  • Cloud hosting with the option to schedule a webinar for up to 50,000 attendees at once.
  • Automated webinars­–so you can replay your webinar footage as evergreen content.


WebinarsOnAir  is the Best Webinar Platform for:


Overall, WebinarsOnAir has an impressive list of features against many other platforms. Although it might lack some vital marketing tools for agencies, it is still a great option for many startups and small businesses.



The plan for 25 viewers is priced at $19.97 per month or you can have unlimited participants, at the cost of $99 per month. Their packages are simple and come with a 30-day free trial.


6. EasyWebinar


EasyWebinar is a leading webinar software company that truly understands the needs of different users. It has successfully managed to integrate the latest tools and technology to create an effective marketing strategy.

It has tons of features including multi-presenter options, shopping carts, polls, and pop-ups. It provides an all-in-one solution for live and automated webinars. As the name suggests, the platform is easy for both the presenter and the guests with a high-end look.


  • An EasyCast feature that allows you to stream to Facebook and YouTube Live at the same time.
  • Advanced analytics to track user’s activity, how long they stayed, and if they clicked on an offer you showed.
  • The easy webinar also supports integrations with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, and more.
  • Integration with WordPress and Skype.
  • Screen-sharing options and an interactive live chat.
  • It can accommodate up to 100 attendees in the basic plan.
  • Robust and effective chat features.


EasyWebinar is the Best Webinar Software for:


All in all, EasyWebinar is a solid all-around webinar platform. It is affordable in comparison to other options and provides a number of third-party integrations. The support is very helpful, and they have a bunch of great case studies and guides to help you get started.



The Standard package starts from $78 per month and supports up to 100 attendees. The Pro package, which is the popular choice for many marketers and businesses, starts at $129 per month, whereas the Enterprise subscription costs $499 per month and accommodates up to 2000 live attendees.


7. Zoom


Zoom is one of the most widely used webinar software platforms available in 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home, the 9-year-old tool caters to classroom lessons, business meetings, and other virtual meetings. Although you don’t have webinar automation with Zoom, it is still a reliable system with a very affordable price tag.



  • It is entirely cloud-based, and its user-friendly interface makes things simpler for its users.
  • Free access for up to 100 video participants
  • Exquisite HD video and audio, along with desktop and app sharing options.
  • Efficient and easy controls with a user-friendly navigable dashboard.
  • You can keep a backup of every session and access it at a later time.

Zoom is the Best Webinar Software for:


Zoom is best choice for enterprises that need a feature-rich video conferencing platform, including live webinar broadcasting.



The free plan allows up to 100 participants with a session no longer than 40 minutes. The basic plan starts from $14.99 per month. The business and enterprise packages are priced at $19.99 per month but differ in tools and features.



My Recommendation for the best webinar software


The above are the best webinar platforms on the market for you to try. Of course, the perfect webinar software depends on your needs and what you want to achieve.

In my opinion, Demio is currently the best webinar software in the market.

Whether you are a marketer or a business on a limited budget, Demio will work for you.

Most of these webinar platforms offer a free trial, and I think that is the best way to test the platform.

I recommend you try a few of them out before you decide on the best option for you.


Do you use and love a particular webinar software?


Let me know in the comments.

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